The Starting Point

  One of my aims with launching this blog was to keep in focus that we all need to start somewhere with our goals to treat our earth better. With a recent UN report about how little time we have to course correct for the planet, and another¬†about the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions,... Continue Reading →

My First Adventure

I have been dreaming of this day for weeks now! Fantasizing, hoping, and agonizing when other attempts haven't worked out. That right, I bought a bicycle. Exciting stuff, right? When I got the idea for this blog's mission, one thing I knew I wanted to do was to reduce how often I use my car... Continue Reading →


I must have been in third grade when I came home from school and shared, with alarm, what I'd learned in music class that day. I shared that my teacher had said each time we open the refrigerator, another hole opens up in the ozone layer. This was my first time hearing about this protective... Continue Reading →

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