Clarity and Clover

I don't know about you, but getting outside and moving clears my head. I was desperate to run yesterday, despite having a lingering twinge on the side of my knee from twisting it weird at home. I'd been babying it, not exercising since last week, but when I'm not active enough my energy builds up... Continue Reading →

How To Recycle Light Bulbs

To recycle or not to recycle? It's seems easiest to play it safe by tossing a dead bulb into the trash. But what about losing potentially recyclable material like glass and metal? Is it worth adding it to your home recycling bin, just in case? Actually, it entirely depends on the kind of bulb you... Continue Reading →

Launch: Waste Walk Wednesday!

We've been talking about ways to reduce waste in our lives recently, and I want to keep that conversation going for a while. Cutting back or tweaking how we use something is a simple (and cheap!) way to lessen our impact on the environment. However, until everyone is on the same page of taking responsibility... Continue Reading →

A Brief Bulk Experience

I attempted an eco-adventure with my oldest two children last week. Both of my containers for flour and brown sugar had run out, and I set my mind on walking to the nearest grocery store with bulk baking supplies. It was time to test out a local, reusable-packaging source instead of my usual paper-packaged flour... Continue Reading →

Silent Sunday

“Trees exhale for us so that we can inhale them to stay alive. Can we ever forget that? Let us love trees with every breath we take until we perish.”  - Munia Khan

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